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  • Money

    Yotta Savings: Is Yotta Savings safe?

    Use Referral Code: ERIC32 For 100 FREE Tickets Yotta Savings Win up to $10 million saving in an FDIC insured account with our partner bank. Saving money is very important,…

  • SEO

    Comparing Search Volume Tools

    With so many tools out there that can give you monthly search volume for your keywords its hard to find which is is accurate. Having one tool tell you a searches…

  • Case Study
    Case Studies SEO

    Case Study: What People Search

    It can be hard thinking of long tail keywords if you don’t have the software or money. I wanted to find out if I could find long tail keywords without braking…

  • Get A Low Competition Keywords List

    Create A Low Competition Keywords List

    So you want a  low competition keywords list? Who doesn’t! Trying to rank for keywords that have insanely high  competition isn’t fun and with a low budget impossible. How do you go…