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Case Study: What People Search

It can be hard thinking of long tail keywords if you don’t have the software or money. I wanted to find out if I could find long tail keywords without braking the bank.

It cost me only $5 to get this data. All I did was simply ask my target market one simple question.

How would you search for this?

Introducing Mturk

Amazon Mechinal Turk, or Mturk. Is a crowdsourcing website that lets companies or individuals like myself, use human intelligent to perform task that computers can not do. For example think of keywords. You can post task for users to do, and pay them for their time and work.

So I used Mturk, set up a job to get people to brainstorm keyword ideas for me.

So I would pay $0.03 for each time someone came up with an idea when they search for something.

For example I would give them the topic: Buy Silver

I would then have them enter three search query they would enter.

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