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Create A Low Competition Keywords List

So you want a  low competition keywords list? Who doesn’t! Trying to rank for keywords that have insanely high  competition isn’t fun and with a low budget impossible. How do you go about creating a low competition keyword list though?

Are you ready to learn how to find low competition keywords that you can rank for very easily?


First thing you are going to need to do is brainstorm some ideas for keywords. This is not the time to be picky. Think of what you want to post about or what you want your website to be about.

Then just write down everything that comes to mind. Try to get into the mindset of what someone searching would …well search. I actually did a case study on what people actually search. I took ideas that I came up with and then surveyed a handful of people and found out what they actually would have searched.

Lets do an example

I developed a new software that will notify a user on the computer that it is time to drink more water. So I come up with some ideas of what people would search if they wanted to download a Water Notification app.

  • Water reminder windows
  • Drink water reminder
  • Water reminder app
  • Water tracker for windows
  • Water tracking for windows

So those are five examples of possible keywords. Now its time to find some low competition keywords.


Finding Low Competition Keywords

Head over to KWFinder, or whichever keyword tool you use, and its time to find some low competition keywords!

If you are looking for a Keyword tool, I suggest KWFinder! I love it, and its also the Keyword tool I use in my post/examples

I’m going to take my first keyword I though of from the example above and search for suggestions.

After clicking Find Keywords you will be brought to a page that shows you search volume, difficultly and the top ranking websites for that keyword. We are not actually interested in the keyword “Water reminder windows”.  Now I go through the list of suggested keywords on the left side. A keyword that looks interesting is “water intake tracker” a 33 difficult and 2.8k searches a month.

The difficulty score isn’t always accurate, just because something has a low difficulty doesn’t mean it will be easy to out rank. But I use it to quickly deiced if I want to investigate a keyword or not.

The number one ranking site for this keyword is NBC. A site with such authority might be hard to outrank, but it looks like the only thing that is ranking it right now is 1 Link, and 147 Facebook Shares.

Now you we can look further into this NBC webiste with SemRush. You can go ahead and use the SemRush Tool Below!

SemRush will let us look at more details about the website. Like where its backlinks are from, search volume, and top organic keywords. We are mostly interested in the backlinks. We are looking for backlinks that have our keyword in them. If they don’t have any backlinks like that. We might be able to our rank NBC.

After looking through the backlinks and not seeing in anchor text with “water intake tracker” this looks like a safe 2.8k search volume keyword. is only ranking for that, because they have high authority, that page isn’t actually optimized for the keyword “water intake tracker”. Go ahead and add it to our list! Lets go back to KWFinder and get one more really easy one!

semrush keywords

Lets go with another one in the same difficulty ranking “water intake app”.  If you look at the competition the top ranking site is a Google Play Store Listing, with 0 backlinks and 2k Facebook Shares. Followed by an iTunes App Store listing with 0 backlinks and 45 Facebook Shares. This would be another easy keyword to rank for! Without really having to do much research on it!

Just like that in a matter of minutes you found 2 keywords that you can try and rank for! You can keep doing this over and over again till you have a list of 10 keywords, they should all be pretty low competition so you should be able to get your site to rank for a handful of them!

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