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How to buy ripple with credit card Step By Step

So you want to learn how to buy ripple with credit card? Ripple is currently up from the beginning of December where it was once at only $0.25. But lets not look to the past. There is still time to get into ripple, even at it’s current price, it is a decent investment you can make.

Buying ripple at first can seem very complicated. But following this guide you should be able to be buying ripple easier then ever and within minutes!

How to buy ripple with credit card


how to buy ripple with credit card


Joining Coinbase

The first thing you need to do in order to be able to buy ripple with a credit card is get a Coinbase account. While Ripple is not on Coinbase at the moment, you can still use it to buy ripple.  So sign up for Coinbase here if you do not have an account yet.

If you sign up using my link, you will get $10 free after you spend $100!

When you first sign up for Coinbase it will ask you for your Name, an Email and Phone Number. After you submit them, you should get a confirmation email and text to your phone. Go ahead and confirm those two things.

After that you will have your account confirmed, and be able to add a payment method. Go ahead and add a debit or credit card. (Bank transfers take weeks to confirm). This is the credit card you will be using to buy Ripple. Buying with a Credit/Debit card will be instant.

How to buy on Coinbase

Once you have the payment method entered. Go over to  Buy/Sell Tab and Select Bitcoin. Your payment method should be already set to the one you just entered above. Now you can enter the amount in USD you want to put into Bitcoin. It will the automatically calculate how much Bitcoin you will get.

I know what you are thinking. Why am I buying Bitcoin? I want to learn how to buy ripple with credit card not Bitcoin! But we will get there, don’t worry!

Click the Buy Bitcoin Button Instantly button, and your order should process and you will get those Bitcoin immediately!

Now you have Bitcoin, onto the next step!


Join Binance

Congratulations! You have Bitcoin, lets turn that into Ripple! You are now going to join another website called Binance. Go ahead and join Binance here and Register for an account. All you need is an email address, you will then get a confirmation email and you confirm that. So now that you have an account on Binance. Lets add Bitcoin to your account. Depending on if you are on mobile or desktop the instructions will be different.

If you are on Mobile, click the Funds tab on the bottom of the page, then click the Deposit button near the top of the page. Click Select Coin, and search for BTC, then click BTC (Bitcoin). Now copy the BTC Deposit Address shown on the screen.

If you are on desktop, hover over the Funds tab at the top of the page and click Deposits Withdrawals. Search for BTC. Then click the Deposit button to the right of BTC Bitcoin. Now copy the BTC Deposit Address shown on the screen.

Back to Coinbase

With your BTC Depoist address still copied, head over to Coinbase and click Accounts tab. Then click on your BTC Wallet. On mobile there will be a paper airplane in the top right corner, click that. On desktop it will be a paper airplane with the word send, click that. Enter the amount of BTC you want to send over to Binance. (Or just click Send Max). Then paste the BTC Address you copied from Binance. Now click Continue/Airplane Icon. And verify everything and send!

How To Buy Ripple

Now that you have sent over your Bitcoin you need to wait for them to arrive. On average this will take about 10 minutes.

Once you have waited, On Mobile go ahead and click “Markets” tab and then click the magnify glass at the top right of the screen. Search for XPR. Click on XPR/BTC.

On desktop, hover over Exchange and click advanced. In top bar of the page you will see near you Account | Logout. There is a drop down BNB/BTC. Change the to XPR/BTC.

Switch The Market On Binance

If you are on mobile. Click the Buy button at the bottom of the page. Click on “Limit Order” near the top left of the page. Then click Market Order. Click the 100% button below, to use all your Bitcoin available to buy Ripple. Then click buy!

On desktop, go down the the Buy / Sell section. Click Market Tab. Then click the 100% under the Buy Section. This will use 100% of your BTC funds to buy Ripple. Then click buy!

Buy Ripple With Credit Card

And just like that you will have bought Ripple with a credit card. It is that easy. Now you can just reepeat the steps above over and over to keep buying Ripple. You can also do this with any other currency that is on Binance, not just Ripple!

If you feel like this article helped you learn how to buy ripple with credit card share it social media! If you want to check out my other post about Cryptocurrencies click here.


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