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Yotta Savings: Is Yotta Savings safe?

Use Referral Code: ERIC32 For 100 FREE Tickets

Yotta Savings

Win up to $10 million saving in an FDIC insured account with our partner bank.

Saving money is very important, but some people think its too boring or to hard to do that. Yet some of those people are the very ones that spend money on the lottery.

Yotta Savings, take out the losing money part of the lottery and turns in into saving. Instead of spending $25 on a lottery ticket, you save it, sand get a ticket! With the chance of winning up to $10,000,000 or even a Tesla.

Each week Yotta Savings reveals numbers, that you hopefully have on your tickets, You can win as little as $0.10 from match 1 ball, or even $7 for matching just 4.

Yotta Savings is FDIC insurance up to $250,000 so you have nothing to lose by playing this “game”.

I think this is a great idea for those people who have struggled to save money in the past. This turns your savings into something that you and actually use and see. Instead of putting away $25 and only having it in your savings, making little interest each month. You can turn the $25 into a lottery ticket and have fun! And guess what even if you lose, YOU STILL HAVE THAT $25 AND GET ANOTHER TICKET.

Use Referral Code: ERIC32 For 100 FREE Tickets

For every $25 you save into Yotta Savings, you get 1 Ticket, that you get each week. So if you deposit $50 into Yotta Savings, you will get 2 Tickets every week. for as long as you have that money in your account.

If you sign up and use the Referral code ERIC32, you will get 100 Tickets! That is the same as depositing $2,500 into your account!

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